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Title: A Passion Most Pure

Author: Julie Lessman

Series: The Daughters of Boston #1

Publication Date: 2008

My Rating: 5/5

Julie is a mega-award winning author and after beginning The Daughters of Boston series I can see why!  If you want to read a book with all the passion of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, meet Julie.  If you want to read a book that also sizzles with the main character's love for Christ, well again pick up A Passion Most Pure.

Heartbreaking rivalry between two sisters threatens to tear the close-knit O'Connor family apart.  This rivalry ripples and is overshadowed by the news of America's involvement in World War I. 

From Boston to the trenches...from the shores of Ireland and back again.  I was part of the O'Connor family for two glorious days as I tore through this book.  (Normally I finish six books in a month, so that should tell you something).  As a history buff, I felt the writing style fit the time period beautifully.

One wonderful and unusual part of A Passion Most Pure is Patrick and Marcy's relationship.  Many books focus on younger people in the beginnings of a relationship.  Patrick and Marcy have survived decades of marriage and have a close and passionate relationship.  I loved that!  Gives me something to look forward to as I get older!

In many Christian fiction books the faith aspect seems "thrown in."  Some contain pages of "sermon."  By contrast, A Passion Most Pure is like a beautiful rug with Faith's Christianity as a shiny gold thread woven carefully into every row. 

My only complaint...too many reading commitments and the fact that we're about to start our homeschool year leave me unable to immediately dig into A Passion Redeemed, the next book in the series.  I'm thrilled to be part of the blog tour for Julie's upcoming release, A Hope Undaunted...so stay tuned for more of Julie.

Julie's website is here: Julie Lessman


WOW, Julia, where do I send the check??? What a GREAT review that totally blesses the socks off me!! Thank you SO much for not only taking the time to read APMP, but for taking the time out of your busy day (a homeschool mom, no less -- YIKES!!) to write such a beautiful review. You're a doll!


P.S. LOVE your blog banner -- the name, the Scripture and the colors!! Gorgeous!

LOL...thanks so much, Julie. And the funny thing is that my maillady was asking why I get so many packages and I told her I review books on the web. Then she said "Oh, that's neat...so that's how you can afford to stay home with your kids." I just chuckled.

I can't wait to get this book!!

Kudos to both Julie and Julia!

I would love to know what you think when you finish, Lisa.

Thanks for stopping by!

BTW, I really like your new pic.

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