Dark Glass Ponderings

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

It seems to me that my last post has had a negative outlook to it.  The truth is that many VERY positive things have come out of homeschooling in the past year.

Although I lament that my house isn't perfect, this year my children have learned to help me out around the house. 

I miss trying out new recipes, but have realized that meal planning had become time-consuming.  For this season we are depending on 20 simple recipes that my family likes. 

What have we gained from homeschooling in one simple year?

-We can't get enough of read-alouds.  The best part of the day is the fact that we get to snuggle up and read as a family.

-At 5 years old my daughter is learning to ask if what she reads, watches, hears is true.  Unfortunately many adults don't even have this sense of discernment.  Reading has been a great opportunity to learn about worldview/why we believe what we believe.

-My son at 2 has learned more than I thought possible through listening while he plays.  He asked to "do school."  I love his enthusiam for learning.

-My daughter is developing a heart for those who don't know the Gospel.  She loves history/geography and wants to know whether every group we study knows about Jesus.  I hope this missionary heart will follow her for life.

-Hiding God's word in their hearts.  Each week my daughter has memorized a Bible verse and Noah knows parts of each verse. 

-Most of all time with my children.  We are the ones she looks to for advice, for help, not a teacher who may not share our worldview.  This time is so precious.

-Learning to be more desperately dependent on God.  Yes, there are days when homeschooling takes all day because of interruptions, behavior problems, or other factors.  I forget that sometimes the interruptions are the very tools God has planned to help my children and I to learn more about Him.

-Chris and I have spent much time thinking about and discussing worldview and being intentional about teaching our children so much more than the main subjects.  Would we otherwise just expect the teacher or Sunday school teacher to do so. 


So very true, Julia! I completely agree and see the same things. Homeschooling is definitely what God intended. I'm so glad it's going well for you. :)

I'm glad it's going so well, too! :) I've already been gathering "supplies" when they are really cheap for down the road homeschooling. We haven't decided 100% yet, but I hope we get to.

I LOVE that your daughter already has a missionary heart. That is just awesome!! Of course, ALL of the points you made are awesome. :)

I love my Christian school, but I'm a big homeschool supporter. Some of our students homeschooled until certain ages and then joined us for junior high or high school. Their parents remain very involved in all that they do.

As a child, I would've loved cozy days of one-on-one reading with a Christian adult through whom to filter all I was experiencing. I can tell that the testimonies of her parents have already made a lasting impression on your daughter's heart! May God continue to bless your efforts, Julia!

Julia, That is so precious that she wants to know if others know Jesus! You may well have a little missionary on your hands! I see you've made great strides and have so many insights, much earlier than I did! Praying God's special blessing on you and your family. I wish every family had so solid a foundation.

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