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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

I have been quite neglectful of this blog.  Mainly due to getting caught up in the midst of my first year of homeschooling.  I hope to set up a more regular blogging routine, but have discovered that blogging was edging out writing my own novel.  Meanwhile, I've still been blogging at the Writer's Alley and posting the occasional review at Title Trakk

I've been waiting to share this wonderful book with you.  It is undoubtably one of my favorite reads of 2011.  I read and loved this book way back in January.  Here's my thoughts (as posted on Title Trakk).

Well-crafted historical detail, page-turning suspense and vividly portrayed characters make Wolves Among Us by Ginger Garrett a must-read.

I recently read an article in which an author claimed that "it kept me up all night" is the best compliment a reader can pay her novels.  Garrett's novel remained bookmark free as I devoured page after page in a single sitting.  And as a busy homeschool mom, there are not many books that can keep me up past bedtime.

Its 1538 in the Black Forest of Germany.  I love reading books with unusual settings and time periods, so my interest was immediately captured.  Every detail of the wolf-surrounded village was brought to life.

A double murder strikes up fears in this small medieval village.  The sherriff is perplexed and engages the help of Father Stephan, the local priest.  Father Stephan calls in an Inquisitor in order to find the dark roots of evil that stalk the town.

In a wave of fervor and panic, the murders are proclaimed to be the work of witches.  Physical and spiritual wolves are on the prowl, as a frenzied hunt begins to find the culprit. The charismatic Inquisitor claims to be able to rid the town of evil but as his investigation continues further devastation is unleashed on the town.

Mia is the unloved wife of Sheriff Bjorn.  She tries to be a good and faithful wife, remembering the words of a manuscript for women she helped her father print many years ago.  She still remembers, too, the words of the man whose books her father printed.  These words from Mr. Tyndale are kernels of truth that stay with her during her most painful times.  It is these words that remind her to listen to another Voice, a Voice that distills the fear that runs rampant through the village. 

Wolves Among Us is a novel of spiritual warfare and of the power of a mustard-seed faith.  It is a tale of the horrendous evils inflicted on man and the power of the love of Christ to overcome them.  Father Stephan's life shows the "deadness" of religion and later the overcoming life of trusting the power of Christ for salvation.  Wolves Among Us shows the extraordinary courage of our forefathers in the faith. 

Garrett has penned a book that is not an easy read.  History is filled with tales of blood shed for freedom.  For it was blood shed 2000 years ago on a Cross that first gave us life.  Painfully realistic, there were times I was deeply disturbed by this read. Garrett goes beyond moving the reader on an emotional level and provides spiritual sustenance.

Wolves Among Us has quickly jumped to my favorites list and I eagerly await Garrett's next installment.


I love the sound of this book. It caught my attention when it was first released but then I forgot about it for a while. Does it have any romance in it?


It does have romance in it, but its not as prominent as in many historicals.

I've read one of Ginger's fiction and one of her non-fiction books and I loved them and the research she puts into them!! I'm not sure this one is for me, but I've been wanting to read some of her others.

What an intriguing review, Julia! Sounds like a great story. The cover alone makes me want to read this book.

I hope your homeschooling went well. Will you be able to take a break for the summer? (Some homeschoolers I know take breaks during the year and do school for part of the summer.) Hope you have some more relaxing days ahead . . .


I'm very much wanting to read her books about Esther now. Thanks for stopping by.

Renee Ann,

I know the cover and unusual setting led me to choose this book!

Actually today is our last day of homeschool (officially anyway)! Its funny how even when we don't have school the kids seem to learn just as much. Lifestyle of learning I guess. Are you finished for the year? I hope you have a great summer. It would be neat if we could get an ACFW summer meetup later in the summer.

I'm basically finished for the year. Exams are done. Graduation is tomorrow (Sat., June 11), and I have a few school chores and meetings next week. Getting together would be fun!

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