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Title: A Stray Drop of Blood
Auithor: Roseanna M. White
Publication Date: 2005, 2009

My rating: 4.5/5

A few months ago, I won A Stray Drop of Blood on Carman's blog.  To be honest, I had not heard of either Roseanna or her book.  The premise sounded intriguing.  Although I have to admit what truly drew my interest to this book was the fact that I had seen several comparisons to Francine Rivers, a favorite author of mine.

I love biblical fiction and Roseanna's book brings the time period of Christ to life. Roseanna's characters are so hauntingly real that you find yourself considering their predicaments long after you put the book down for the night.  They are also complex.  I found myself struggling with conflicting emotions towards each character as their actions were portrayed throughout the novel.  There are no "stock" characters here.

Roseanna writes an honest portrait of history during the time of Christ.  She neither sanitizes the characters and situations, nor does she glorify sin.  In recent years I believe we have also seen the "feminizing" of history as it is rewritten to suit our preconceived notions.  That is not the case in A Stray Drop of Blood.  The treatment of women and slaves during the time of Christ is realistic. A Stray Drop of Blood richly contrasts the cultures of Rome and Jerusalem.

As a research nut, it was clear Roseanna has tirelessly examined every detail of the novel.  Roseanna provides a companion guide to the novel on her website.  Roseanna's book is such a quick page-turner, I found I was not ready to put it down when I finished.

At the end of reading A Stray Drop of Blood I contemplated the power of the blood of Christ in my own life.  Roseanna captures the struggle between spirit and flesh when two of the main characters return to their former sinful ways.  I found myself very frustrated by the situation, much as I find myself frustrated by my own sinfulness at times.  Roseanna's is an honest portrayal of the journey we all face in our walk of faith.

I am quite surprised that A Stray Drop of Blood has not received more press.  It is an excellent debut novel and I look forward to reading more by Roseanna in the future.


Thanks so much for your thoughts, Julia! I too am frustrated by sin (in both my characters and myself, LOL) and wish we all had the strength to be what we know we should. Only through the blood can we find it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

So true! I was glad to have the opportunity to review Stray Drop and look forward to more of your work in the future, Roseanna. And I like cheering on fellow homeschoolers, too!

I'm surprised this one isn't on one of my review schedules. It sounds compelling.

If you like biblical fiction, I think it is an excellent read, Linda!

I read A Stray Drop of Blood a few weeks ago. It was gripping but also distrubing at times. Perhaps because it protrays the time and circumstances a little too realistic. It's one of those books that you think about after you finished reading. What was life like for our Christian brothers and sisters of that time who were slaves and turned to Jesus for the protecion of his blood?

I have nothing to complain about in my life and need to have greater gratitude for the blessings I live under.

Thanks for the review.

Blessings on you and your writings,
A J Hawke

I agree. It definitely was disturbing at times, AJ. Not always pretty.

Ugghh...I struggle with the complaining thing at times, too. We are so blessed!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I'm always so shocked to see when people say they've read it, AJ. =) Studying all the stuff that played into the book really made me evaluate my faith.

Linda--I'd love to have a mocha with you. ;-) (Sorry, craving coffee right now, LOL). If you'd be interested in a review copy, you can email pr@whitefire-publishing.com. The more exposure the better!

Julia, my next one's only a year out! Of course, I should finish writing it first. ;-)

Am adding this on my wish list.
bmcbroom at gmail dot com


You're welcome :). Always glad to be an enabler when it comes to someone's to-be-read list.

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