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Title: A Passion Denied                                                                  

Series: Daughters of Boston #3

Author: Julie Lessman

Publication Date: 2009

My rating: 4.5-5/5

I thoroughly enjoyed A Passion Denied, although I still think that A Passion Most Pure is my absolute favorite. I'm a big fan of World War I & II novels and I enjoyed the historical aspects of A Passion Most Pure the most. I haven't read many books about the Roaring 20s and The Great Depression, so I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Julie's Winds of Change Series.

Character wise I think Lizzie and Brady are my favorite characters so far. Like Lizzie, I have a passion for books and the Bible. My husband and I love to read aloud together and share our insights on the Bible. I always enjoy finding characters in literature I can relate to.

I loved that Lizzie and Brady were both characters of integrity. This book deals with forgiveness of others and even ourselves, which is something I know God is constantly working on in my life. Today I was reading a post about "preaching" in fiction. I think Julie has a particular talent when it comes to seemlessly keeping faith as a part of the character's day-to-day lives without sermonizing.

I love the way repentance is shown as a lifestyle in Julie's books. In some of the older Christian fiction books it seemed as though the character became a Christian and suddenly became perfect. I love the way Julie's characters are flawed, but being transformed into His image. From the beginning to the end of the book, the reader sees transformation but its not instantaneous.

When Brady's twin appeared I was surprised as I was not expecting it. Julie keeps the reader guessing throughout the novel as she introduces one plot twist after another.

I have enjoyed The Daughters of Boston series and am excited to have the opportunity to read A Hope Undaunted. Cluny was one of my favorite characters in this book and I have loved watching Katie grow up as the spunky youngest daughter in the O'Connor family.


Ahhh I love this series! I can't wait for the next one!

XOXO~ Renee

Me either, thankfully the wait isn't too long :)

JULIA!!! You sweetheart, you -- thank you for the WONDERFUL review!! And I am SO glad Cluny was one of your favorite characters from Denied because he was mine, too, which is why he now has his own book!

It's funny how everybody has their own personal favorite of the three books. A Passion Most Pure and A Passion Denied seem to be tied in people's affections, but I have to say that A Passion Redeemed is my favorite of all three. BUT ... Cluny and Katie have just about changed all that because I think Undaunted may nose Redeemed out on this one ... I hope you think so too!


I agree with you totally Julia! APMP is my favorite of all three, but I still loved the entire series. Julie does do an amazing job at teaching from scripture without preaching. When I read APMP I was so uplifted and encouraged by Faith's journey. I related the most to her. :) If only I could meet her... *grin*

@Julie, Thanks for stopping by. Wow, I seriously cannot wait for Hope Undaunted. I'm glad I got them all finished in time and I'm glad they will all be fresh in my memory. Sometimes as a mom I can be kind of scatterbrained :)

@Casey, Yes, I totally felt like Faith would be a friend, too. I related to her most. I need to do some serious studies of her books on how she intergrates Scripture.

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