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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

OK, I'm going to mishmash two topics together.  I usually don't post too often during the week, but I can't resist sharing my messy day.

I really wish I could break my blog privacy rule and post pictures of my son.  We've allowed Elizabeth to paint her nails lately as a reward for not sucking her thumb.  So she has some polish in her room that she is allowed to use on occasion.

Today as we were doing a reading lesson Noah decided to paint his hands...and arms...and the bathroom floor...and a little bit of the carpet...Toffee Dreams.

So now he's covered with some sort of weird abstract "henna" like design.

This is almost as good as the time when we were asked to show the house in a few hours.  Our old house had a porch off the kitchen.  The entire kitchen was surrounded by windows.  I had to scrub down the kitchen so I put the kids on the porch with a few toys as I cleaned the kitchen.  I was hoping keeping them in one room would minimize the mess.  Elizabeth came out and told me she made Noah "a little brown boy."  Which meant she had covered him head-to-toe with peanut butter and further he was walking around this way...smushing the peanut butter into the carpet.  Which, of course, meant a bath...and took a good 45 minutes to scrub out the tub.  Moving with kids is an adventure.

Any other good "messy" kid stories?


When my twins were two, I left them with dh so I could do some Christmas shopping. Dh fell asleep! They boys were roaming the house by themselves. When I got home I was greeted at the door by my son who was chanting "bad boy" over and over again. He must have been warning me in his limited vocabulary about the mess I was about to find. They had gotten into the pantry and dumped out all the flour and sugar all over the kitchen, living room, and dining room floors! I was grateful they didn't get into anything dangerous and I learned not to let dh babysit until they were a little older! Lol. The joys of parenting!

LOL, thanks for sharing Joy!! I can only imagine how much time that took to clean up!!

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