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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

Casey Herringshaw is a homeschool graduate and has been writing since high school. She lives in rural Eastern Oregon in a town more densely populated with cows than people. Taking the words and stories God has placed on her heart and putting them on paper is one of her highest passions in life. Casey is a member of ACFW. You can connect with her through her personal blog, Writing for Christ and her writing related group blog, The Writer's Alley.

Interview with Casey Herringshaw

1. Thank you so much for being here. Could you tell us a little about how you got started blogging?

I got started because I wanted to blog! Simple as that. I had been following several different blogs and just loved the idea.

2. What is your purpose in blogging?

To minister. To encourage. To have fun. In that order. I am involved in so many blogs, it changes from one to the other. On Writing for Christ, I want to have fun and minister, but just generally be me. On Operation Encourage an Author I want to minister and encourage. To be part of the support system for the authors who work so hard to provide us with quality fiction and don’t often get the appreciation I think they should be receiving.

3. What are your favorite parts of blogging?

Connecting with people. I have been so incredibly blessed to be put into connection with sincere and kind people. I have been supported and lifted up when I was upset about a writing contest result or they have shared in my joys when I reached the mountaintop. God is good.

4. Do you have a story about how you have gained encouragement while blogging?

Yes. I had just gotten two results about my writing from a contest. One was particularly hard to swallow, comments that just seemed to put my writing down instead of constructive criticism. But I had also gotten results from anther contest that was just the opposite. I still didn’t win, but the words of the judges were much kinder. I posted about it, talking through the frustration I had experienced and what I had learned. So many people were so supportive. Telling how much they loved reading what I write and not to give up. I just about cried, like I said, I have been blessed and I praise God He put me here. I try to give back as often as I can.

5. Can you share with us any special features you have on your blog and why you decided to offer them?

I do giveaways on Writing for Christ, because I love them. Plus it draws readers to my blog. But mainly just because I love quality Christian fiction and I love promoting it. I do book reviews for the same reason and usually once a week I try to post a spiritual thought I have been mulling over, I do this mainly for me, so I don’t forget the reason why I blog. To honor my Lord and Savior.

On Operation Encourage an Author I promote authors and talk about their fiction, drawing readers in to encourage and support that author. I do that because I feel God has led me to bring support and encouragement to an author that could be sorely needing it. It is a mission and a time investment that I love giving back to so many hard working people.

6. Is there anything you’ve learned along the way about your relationship with God while blogging?

That He ALWAYS knows exactly what I need right when I need it. Support on the days I need support. The right comment on the right post on the right day. He has moved so much in my life through blogging, I will never be the same. Putting me into contact with supportive and wonderful people in the blogosphere that have (whether they know it or not) pushed me to walk closer to my Creator and worship Him with more reverence.

7. Can you share any Scriptures that have encouraged you in your writing?

There are so many! But the one that always boosts me is: But those that hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

8. Can you recommend ways that we as bloggers can minister to our readers?

Let God move through you. Blog about what you love, what you are passionate about and make sure God is in the middle of it. That in and of itself, I believe, will minister to the people that need to hear it. You might not always be put in contact with them, but they are out there. Never doubt it.

9. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you Julia, for letting me visit today. I am honored to be here today and I hope something that I wrote encouraged one of the visitors today. May God bless you and I urge you to continue to live your life for Him.


When I ventured into blogging a few months back, Casey's blog was one of the first I discovered. I was impressed with the community she had built.

Isn't God good to use a medium like the internet to bring Christians together from all walks of life? Following their stories can be more interesting than reading a book!

(And I say that as an avowed, rather-read-than-eat book-cherisher!)

For one so young, Casey is an amazing testimony to God's power through his children. What a gift she has already to encourage and support writers everywhere! She is wise beyond her years and I LOVE HER!!!!! (((hugs)))

@ Renee, I think Casey was one of my first blogs, too :)

@Sherrinda, Yes, I so agree. I thought she was older to be honest. God has definitely used Casey and her blogs and with her heart I'm sure will continue to :)

Hey Julia and Casey,
Great, great interview!! I'm impressed by your wisdom too lol...I met Casey through other blog friends and have not been disappointed. She's a remarkable young woman that I am so proud to say I know! Although I've always had it in the back of my head that she doesn't like me very much....don't know why *wink*

I so enjoy reading your blogs! This week's author you're featuring is really great. I'm so excited to read something by her!

Thanks and great job you two!

Casey's blog was also one of the first blogs I found a few months back when I discovered the blogging world. I love reading about her writing journey, and her steady faith in God. I was just thinking the other day how I just know one day, I'll be holding her book in my hands. I just have a feeling she's so close!! :)

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I am so moved and touched, THIS is what I mean, a community of wonderful people that are SO giving! Thank you Julia. :)

@Renee, thank you so much for that kind comment. I do it because I love it and God has truly moved through it. I never want to take credit for what He has done on my blog. I am merely his willing vessel.

@Sherrinda, I LOVE YOU TOO!! (And all the other ladies on the Alley) This means so much that you stopped by today. And your kind words bless me!!

@HANNAH! I should wag my finger in your face if you were standing in front of me. What have I done to say I don't like you??? *off crying now*

Okay, I'm back, sniffing, I'll have you know. Let me add a little honey here, seriously Hannah, I love your visits and your kind comment touches me deeply. Now what reason have I given you to dislike me?? I wish to retify it. :)

@Bluerose, do you know how MUCH that motivates me?? I am working on my writing now and having some normal struggles, but this helps me so much!! God used your words today dear lady and I so appreciate them!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE. I will check back in later. What a wonderful, wonderful way to start my writing day.

*BIIIIIIIIIIG hugs for Casey*

Awwwwww....don't cry!! I didn't want to upset you : ( Don't ask me how my mind works! Lol....but I definitely have felt that way. I try not to take it too personally because I don't expect everyone to like me. I'm glad you do though *grin* I can always use another person on my side in this world...


Well I am sorry Hannah. :( (is it possible to add tears to that sad face?) You will have to give me the opportunity to change your mind, okay? I don't expect everyone to like me either, I still don't like it when they don't like me. I think I need to go edit now, I am making NO sense. If I missed a comment you left on my site, it was purely unintentional, okay? I think you will be hard pressed to find me doing anything malicious, it just wasn't how I was raised.

BIIIIIIG hug back!! :D

Missed commetns?? Nope....not that I know off.....

MALICIOUS?!!?? YOU????? Nahhhhhhh that couldn't happen : )

Don't ask me why I said that! Shouldn't have said naything obviously : P

It's OKAY! I will take your word for it that you like me, okay? If you say it's true, it must be because I know you wouldn't lie to me. I know that's not how you were raised...none of us were!

We can all be one big happy blogger family, ok?? OH and if you're ever in New England....you're visiting me! OKAY?? I've somehow got to make up for these tears I've caused sooooooo we will have loads of fun! Can't wait!


And yes there is:


LOL Okay Hannah. :) Hope school is going well for you!!

I loved this interview with Casey....she is absolutely the SWEETEST blogger! I love her blogs. Thanks for interviewing her, Julia!

Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

Ahh, thank you Molly!! I am humbled and touched! I am so glad to have been put in touch with you!

@ Hannah, Thank you for stopping by. May God's love shine brightly on you and bless you abundantly today.

@ Bluerose,

Yay, I'm so glad you stopped by today. I think of you often in your pregnancy, I so relate to the morning sickness part. Hope you're on the tail end of that.

Casey and Julia and all,
It's wonderful to see you fellow bloggers have such a ministry at a young age!! One day when I'm an old lady and can no longer write, I'll be reading your books:) That's a wonderful thought...

@ Molly, Thanks so much for stopping by. I think you have quite a ministry going there at your blog. I have always appreciated the "gentleness" of your reviews!

Laura, Laura, Laura! I couldn't imagine you EVER as an old lady. :) And hopefully you will get to read such a book long before then anyway. Thank you for stopping by today!! :)

Great interview!

I think Operation Encourage an Author is such a great idea. I have to get over there more often.

@Joy, Yes, I think its a wonderful site and hopefully someday one of us will have to "guest" over there to intro Casey's book.

@Laura, You are nowhere near being in a rocker :) Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to hosting you tomorrow.


You are such a sweet person, and I have been so blessed by your friendship! :D This is a great interview, and I'm so inspired by your desire to write for God and to encourage authors (and everyone else!). You have so many great blogs, and you do such a wonderful job of maintaining them all!!!



P.S. Julia, you ask such great questions! These interviews have been great, and I loved answering the questions, too. :)

CAsey, you are an inspiration! I homeschool and love it. I hope my kids turn out as well adjusted and intelligent as you! Great interview!

T. Anne, I didn't know you were a homeschooler, too. Love finding that there are so many of us homeschoolers that write. :)

MY GOODNESS! What a way to start my FRIDAY morning and this was only supposed to last yesterday. Thank you!!

@Joy, I love doing OEA and I love seeing people visit, hopefully you can come on by sometime. :) Thanks for coming by today!!

@Amber, thank you so much! I have been blessed by your friendship and blog as well, so it is well returned! :) Thank you for your kind words, they are a wonderful jump start.

@T.Anne, lol thank you! I have my parents to thank for how I am. They are the ones that had/have the fire to homeschool and raise me up right. I wouldn't be here without their loving guidance and Godly example. It is wonderful to meet someone else who homeschools! Wish you the very best!

Casey and Julia, soooo sorry I'm late to the "party," but I had to come by and add my thoughts on one of the sweetest and most encouraging people I have run across in the blogging world.

Casey, you have been such an incredible encouragement, not only to me, but to SO many people, and I take great joy in knowing that "God honors those who honor Him," because, girl, you're in for some blessings galore!!

Casey and Julia and all my "young" blogger friends who posted here today, I totally concur with Laura that it is AMAZING to see such a ministry among so many young women, each of whom have touched my life in a very special way. Thank you for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your willingness to let God use in a world that so desperately needs you!

Much love,

Julie, Thank you so much for coming by. YOU for sure have a wonderful ministry to your readers, AND so does Casey. I've been so blessed by meeting you both online.

Julie, I echo what Julia said about you. There is no other person I would rather give a great big hug to right now than you! Your ministry is amazing and one of the HUGE reasons I do OEA. Thank you so much for taking these moments to encourage me! That blesses and touches my heart deeply. Thank you.

JULIA, thank you, thank you, thank you for asking me here to your blog. It has been a huge honor and has blessed me this week. This has been an amazing experience. Thank you.

I said over on Julia's other post, and I'm going to say it again: Why am I always late to these things? I guess I need to stay more in the "know" about these things, re else I'm going to completely be in the dark on whats been happening around the blogosphere. LOL
Lovely interview, ladies!
Casey, what an amazing person you are. You work so hard on all of your blogs and I just know God is going to (if He isn't already) something very special with you. You blogs have been such a huge blessing to me and I thank you for that. I truly pray God never stops using you in the blogging world to reach and encourage others.

Same to you Julia!;) I'm new to your blog, but I can already tell it's my kinda place. Thank you for hosting a great interview with all these great bloggers (including you) and I look forward to reading your future posts.
Have a wonderful and God-filled week, guys!
Love Y'all,

Julia M. Reffner

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