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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

"In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" is a short story I well remember from college.  Delmore Schwartz's work does not come from a Christian worldview at all.  His story themes often involve the failure of relationships and his personal life was a wreck. 
However, when I hear the phrase "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" I am reminded of the beauty of our dreams.  If God shows us a vision for our lives we should know that reaching that vision will oftentimes be hard work.  It will often happen at times that seem to us to be inconvenient.  It may cause us to question our carefully held misconceptions about God, life, ourselves and others.  I am reminded that there is beauty in the work to reach the vision God has set before us. 

Homeschooling our children was a vision God had given us.  We had a beautiful dream about having our children around all the time, developing life-long friendships with them, reading them the word of God, creating, and exploring.  As I have started this homeschool year I am reminded that good things never come easy.  Every bit of this has been a journey that I have needed to take day by day. 

God has given us a vision to adopt a child.  As we are beginning to fill out forms, read paperwork, and pray...we have no idea what we are in for.  And I think that's just where God wants us.  I don't know what will come into our lives through this journey.  I don't know how long it will take, exactly how much it will cost financially and emotionally. 

I know many of us are on the journey of writing.  For me this is a journey that does not currently lead on the road to publication, but I have to keep my vision alive.  Keeping my vision alive means spending the rare spare moments learning about craft.  It changes what and how I read as I attempt to improve my own writing.  I see art every where I look.  Small responsibilities over time building a dream. 

What vision has God given you for your future?  How can you work while you wait?


Oh, Julia, this is such a timely post!

I have been communicating with more editors, authors, and publicists, in the hopes that I can get an internship (and eventually a job) at one of the publishing companies I love so dearly. I'm feeling my hopes come alive, but at the same time I'm scared about what might happen--leaving my family, living in a city somewhere far away, not being accepted or measuring up, etc.

But I know that right now I've been focusing so much on me. What I need is to pray, to trust in the Lord's plan and timing, and to do as they say on Meet the Robinsons: "Keep Moving Forward." :)

Thank you for the reminder to trust in God, seek His plan, while still being responsible with the loves, passions, and responsibilities He has given us!



That is great that you are establishing relationships with those in the publishing world. I understand about the fear part of things, too. I don't think any "dream" comes without fear. Often I think its the enemies favorite way to attack our dreams, especially if God shows them to us.

I will keep you in prayer. I know God will use your talents in a way that will glorify Him, however that might be and I look forward to hearing how that happens :)

I'm so glad it spoke to you.


Blessings on your quest to adopt a child! I'm sure God will make you ready for every part of that journey!

@ Renee Ann, Thanks. I'm sure you're right and it will be an interesting journey.

What a beautiful vision you have for your family and the adoption, Julia! Many prayers for the Lord's blessings through the process. I'm thrilled for you.

Many years ago, while homeschooling my kids and raising a blended family, I had to put my dreams for writing on hold. I still wrote whenever time permitted and those few and wonderful moments never surpassed the joy from my main calling at the time. I had read some of Catherine Marshall's thoughts on laying her writing down for the sake of her family during a season in her own life and I decided to relinquish my own desire to be published to the Lord for his timing and purposes. Now, so many years later, I am enjoying the process of continuing to wait on Him while I ferverently write towards that goal.

But one thing for certain, non of the writing during any season of my life has ever been wasted. All of it matters and is part of the writer I am today.

Lord bless you, Julia!

Carla, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Whenever I see you around the blogs, I'm always blessed by what you share. I can't wait to buy a book with your name in the bylines...I'm so excited for your journey.


That's a lovely phrase, though I don't know the story. Wishing you well with your vision--truth is, none of us know what to expect when God gives us a child, by whatever means. And now my children are grown, my dream is to write what God wants me to write and get it out to whoever he wants to read it.

Wow, all of these comments are so real and heartfelt. I can't say it any better than Carla. So glad you are walking with Him and dreaming and being obedient, Julia. Your future is bright!

@Sheila, So true. We never know what to expect when God blesses us with a child by any means, do we? Thank goodness for that. I wish you the best in your writing journey. I love your attitude "get it out to whoever wants to read it." I think we can get so focused on publication and forget that God is using our words.

@Laura, Thank you. You have been an encourager on the path and I'm thankful to be able to learn from other writers' journeys.

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