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Title: A Memory Between Us

Author: Sarah Sundin

Series: Wings of Glory #2

My Rating: 4.5/5

Having recently enjoyed Sarah Sundin’s A Distant Melody (reviewed here) I was eager to join the Revell tour for her second book. I was not disappointed.

Sundin has researched every detail. I truly felt as though I were in the plane with Jack Novak, experiencing victories, crashes, and near-misses. When Jack is shot in the backside, he experiences the tender loving care of Nurse Ruth Doherty.

Jack and Ruth mature spiritually throughout the novel. Ruth learns that in Christ we are new creations and once repented of, our past is truly behind us. It was beautiful to watch her growth and journey. Jack must learn to rely on God, not his own abilities…both when it comes to his career and his relationships. I love the fact that the main characters in Sarah’s novels each have a “besetting” sin that they struggle with. She portrays them in their imperfections and allows us to watch them mature in their faith.

True love comes at great cost. Our sins have consequences, yet God doesn’t intend us to live in a place of shame for forgiven wrongs. If we rely on Christ, He will give us the wisdom and knowledge we need to act on in any given situation. God created friendships to meet needs within ourselves and to promote spiritual growth. These are the truths Sarah emphasized in this outstanding historical romance.

I am anxiously awaiting the saga of Ray Novak.


I haven't picked this up yet, but I'm sure it won't be long 'til I get to it!

LOL, I am not going to call you "the other Renee" you know that, right? LOL. The idea, :).

And yes, I, totally recommend Sarah Sundin. Revell just has one fantastic team going for them.

Just making sure folks know there are two of us. She's too unique to be duplicated anyway! Maybe I'll just use Renee Ann . . . My mom would like that!

I loved this book! The entire series is wonderful though! Blue Skies Tomorrow is already on my wishlist!

XOXO~ Renee

Can I post if my name isn't Renee? :)

Julia - thanks for your wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed the spiritual lessons the characters learned. I learned walking through with them as well.


I can't wait for that one either :). This is a fabulous series.

LOL, absolutely, Sarah. You can post anytime. Thank you for writing this book...I enjoyed it so much and you are quickly joining my favorite author shelf.

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