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Title: The Preacher’s Bride

Author: Jody Hedlund

Publication Date: 2010

**Special thanks to Jody Hedlund and Bethany House for my review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.**

My Review:

Lyrical. Rich in textured historical detail. Breathtakingly romantic, with in-depth relationships. Spiritually satisfying and faith-challenging. Heart-pounding, can’t flip pages fast enough action. The Preacher’s Bride is all these things and more and has quickly joined my favorite reads of 2010 list.

Each event was painted so richly I found myself quickly caught in the grasp of Hedlund’s storytelling. This mom found herself burning the midnight oil as the climactic action is non-stop. There is just no good spot to put this book down.

Hedlund keenly matches well-researched historical detail with imaginative creativity to introduce us anew to a well-beloved preacher and his wife. This book is based on the story of John and Elizabeth Bunyan although the names in the story differ. Throughout the novel we are introduced to many very real characters in Puritan England and the novel includes several quotes from Bunyan’s vast store of literature.

John and Elizabeth’s romance is based on so much more than only attraction and feelings. Sacrifice, servanthood, and loyalty are the strengths that John and Elizabeth’s relationship is built on.

In a morally declining nation which in many ways reminds me of modern-day America, John took a stand for his beliefs. Risking beatings and imprisonments, Elizabeth and John refuse to give in to the culture’s temptation to water-down their faith. Very similar to what we are faced with in many churches in America. Unfortunately even in the Christian market it can be rare to find a novel that challenges your faith.

Ms. Hedlund has me anxiously awaiting her next tome and ready to devour anything I can get my hands on by and about the Bunyan family.


I've always wondered about the real Elizabeth Bunyan. She married a man who was gone all the time and always in trouble--couldn't have been very romantic! And yet she spoke so sweetly in defense of him.

I really love your review here--it's lyrical! And how true about finding Christian fiction books that are challenging. Sad to say, they must not be in demand or we'd have more of them!

I really enjoyed this book.Thanks for reminding me.

Wonderful review! I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Fan-flippin'-tastic review. :)

I have *got* to read this one.

What a great review, Juila. I, too, enjoyed reading The Preacher's Bride and think you've done a wonderful job showcasing the many reasons why. Jody is a gifted storyteller, one adept at creating page-turning tension and and memorable characters.

Renee Ann,
I would love to read about Elizabeth Bunyan. Have not done so, but Hedlund definitely leaves me wanting to learn more about her.

This is definitely on my best reads list of 2010. I think you will enjoy it!

I think you'll like this one. The descriptive language is amazing! I can't think of enough superlatives.

I completely agree and can't wait for her next book!

Hi Julia!

Thank you so much for your lovely review of my book! LOVE it! :-) And thank you for taking the time to write up a blog post about it! I'm planning link to your review on my website. Have a wonderful weekend!




Thanks for linking up to my review! I can't wait for your next book!

Hi Julia -

If I hadn't already read The Preacher's Bride, I'd be on Amazon right now buying it. Great review!

Susan :)

Thanks for your kind words, Susan and I agree that Jody's book is well-worth the purchase price.

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