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Title: The Sister Wife

Series: Brides of Gabriel #1

Author: Diane Noble

Publication Date: 2010

**Special thanks to Stephanie Selah at HarperCollins for sending me a review copy of this book.**

We live what has been termed the “burned over” district after Charles Finney’s revivals swept through the area in the early 19th century. Several cults were also formed in upstate, NY including Mormonism. If you’re offended that I called it a cult or if you want more information, see this site for my reasoning: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/terms.html. Joseph Smith claimed to have found the golden plates 15 minutes from my house.

The Sister Wife does a very good job of portraying the truth of the early days of Mormonism, when polygamy was practiced by its founders. Noble does so in a way that is tasteful. I didn’t expect to identify with the characters as much as I did, but I really found myself routing for Mary Rose and Bronwyn.

Mary Rose’s grandfather is fascinated with the practices of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and decides to relocate from England to the American West in order to follow what he believes to be the truth. Mary Rose is in for a major shock as she goes from an upper-middle class English maiden to a Mormon “Sister” in the rough Old West. As she interprets a miracle she sees on the ship, she comes to believe that Mormonism is true. But accept her husband taking a second wife?

I found the characters in this book compelling and believable. Noble doesn’t glorify this lifestyle. However, although she continually “alludes” to the truth I would have liked to see biblical Christianity play more of a role in the story than it did. I will continue on with the series as many of the issues of questioning the Mormon faith came to a head at the end of the book, so I am expecting Christian themes to become more prominent as the series progresses.


Great review. I would like to read this one and the other one that just came out...can't remember what the title is anymore! I think it's by...oh the author's name has escaped me now too! Argh. :) I have been a bit leerly about these books because I wasn't sure how they are going to end them, but I might have to change my mind after your review. :) I have been waiting for some good reviews to come out on them. :) Thanks!

Thanks, Casey! Oh, I'm blanking on that other one, too. I think its by Allison Pittman. I've heard she is great, but I haven't read it yet. I will be curious to see how these end in the finale, I agree with you that's the important part to me.

I didn't know that polygamy was the old days of Mormonism, so I just learned something. I know I should have already knew that! :)

I've had my eye on this book for awhile, too, but didn't know what I'd think of it. I'll admit when I saw the title of your post(before I saw the picture)I thought you were reviewing the TV show by the same name I think. (I think I remember now that you don't watch TV)I was hearing all kind of talk about it, so I watched a few minutes of it, but it just broke my heart and I couldn't watch anymore. But it is sad that this lifestyle is still practiced today!

This sounds really good! The other book by Allison Pittman is called "For Time and Eternity."

Tammy- I saw previews for the show The Sister Wife and it was kind of upsetting to me so I didn't even bother watching it. You're right it's sad.

XOXO~ Renee

@Bluerose, Most people don't know that. Oh my goodness, no, I don't watch TV...but I did hear of that show and I think it is terrible that they are glorifying it.

@Renee, Thanks for letting us know the name. It does make me sick to be honest.

Yes! Renee and Julia, that is the one I was thinking of. :) So glad I have you all to be the remainder of my brain that decides to wing away. :)

Is this Christian fiction, Julia? I can't tell by the publisher. If it's not, they probably will only allude to the truth in future titles too.

Good for you for not watching TV. I bet I would get so much more writing done without it. LOL.

This novel sounds so strange I think I'm interested! I don't like preachy either but I can over look it if the writing is good. Thanx!

@Joy, Its a Christian imprint of a secular publisher. I hope it will do more than allude :) Unfortunately sometimes I just let internet drain that time :(

@T.Anne, It is strange, but I really like the voice and some of the lines are quite lyrical. I would say this is definitely a character rather than plot driven novel. Thanks for stopping in!

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