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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

Casey Herringshaw at Writing for ChristOperation Encourage an Author and The Writer's Alley has encouraged so many of us.  I know she has encouraged me big time. 

She is one of the most enthusiastic people I have met on the web, willing to help others out on any occasion.  One of the first times I emailed her (I don't even remember the reason for the email) she offered to help me with a blog button.  I was amazed, I didn't even know her!  And there have been so many other times Casey has encouraged me whether it was with homeschooling or my writing. 

Let's give back...

Has she encouraged you, too?  I encourage you to share a story here about a time Casey has encouraged you...or write a note of encouragement to her right here in the comments.

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For more chances to encourage Casey, please stop by:


Sherrinda K

Thanks so much!


I have been so blessed by Casey's friendship! :) She is so sweet! Not only is she very talented (and busy with all those blogs, her own jewelry business, reading, writing, etc.!), but she is also very generous. When I was e-mailing her about my upcoming "Love Finds You" party, she automatically offered to contribute to the contest prize! How kind is that?! :D

Casey, thank you for being who you are! Be sure and check your e-mail. ;)


P.S. Julia, thanks for organizing this and giving us a chance to all thank Casey at once! :) I have been very blessed by your friendship, as well!

Where to begin....Casey, you are such a cool person. You give so much to so many and have certainly touched my life in a beautiful way. I love your humor...a little snarky at times!! You truly are a gift from God, and I thank him for the honor of knowing you! (((hugs)))

I think I only interacted with Casey when I wrote a little article including info about her Blogoversary Bash and encouraging folks to visit her site. But I know that hers was one of the fist Christian writers' sites I stumbled upon. It was encouraging to me that one so young would be interested in following the Lord and be so driven to attain her writing goals.

What a great idea Julia! You are such a good friend to others.

And so is Casey! Her sweet personality and caring disposition radiates from her blogs. She is an inspiration to me as a writer, blogger and book reviewer. I recently had to ask her how she fits it all in. :)

Casey, you'll get over this hump...keep the faith and keep doing what you're doing. You inspire us all.

Oh, what a fitting post!! Leave it to Julia to think of honoring someone else like this:) Casey and I met through a giveaway of one of my books (which is where I met Julia, I'm thinking). I was struck by her thoughtfulness as she sent me a handwritten thank you note - a real antiquity in this email-crazy world!! And then she posted such wonderful reviews of my books. She has the gift of encouragement (among others) and it truly shines through her blogs and her testimony, even her beautiful beads!! I could write a novella here...
Anyway, thank you, Julia, for such a beautiful idea. And thank you, Casey, for being just the way you are!!!

Julia, you have overwhelmned me. I don't know what to say and thank you doesn't seem like near enough. You have left me speechless and I can't think of what to say. THANK YOU!

Amber, your friendship has blessed me as well (which I know you know well :) and I did check my email and loved them all,thank you, it was such an encouragement!

Sherrinda, I thank Him for having the chance to know you as well! And snarky? Really?? I think I made it, the great Sherrinda said I am snarky!!!

Renee Ann, thank you. Your comments have always been a huge encouragement to me and I love it sincerely when you get the chance to visit on the blog. :)

Joy, I think I am failing at getting it all fit in lately! Probably because my weekend is so busy all I will be seeing is my bed. :) Thank you for your sweet comments. :)

Laura, you have my parents to thank for most of what I am. :) It is how I was raised, and it just makes it more personal- I love doing it- and having the address of my favorite author. :) I am so thankful for the chance to interact with you. Your blog and personality is a huge blessing to me, your comment has touched me deeply, THANK YOU!

The first time I “met” Casey was on her blog “Operation Encourage an Author”- it was the very first one I believe, when she was hosting Julie Lessman. I remember thinking, WOW, what a sweet, selfless person to do something like this and open a door of opportunity for the rest of us to follow her encouraging lead :) I think hers was the first blog I ever commented on, LOL! I didn’t do too much traveling in the blogging world at that time and sort of forgot all about it. Then I read Laura Frantz’s “The Frontiersman’s Daughter” and found Laura’s blog! And saw Casey again :) Her comments always impressed and blessed me, and the fact that she writes for an “Audience of One” really moved me, too- it also made me smile every time I saw it because it’s the name of a really awesome worship song by Big Daddy Weave!

Then, the other day I was on Amber’s blog and clicked the blog button she had up to head over to Susan May Warren's blog and saw the beautiful encouraging letter/prayer Casey wrote for Amber. WOW! What an incredible example of the gift of a friend.

Casey, you have such a sweet, compassionate heart and the special, rare gift of edifying! Thank you for the encouragement you spread to everyone!

Julia, you are so sweet to do something like this! May the Lord bless both you ladies richly!

Amanda Stanley

Dear, dear Amanda. I wanted to find your email and write you directly, but wasn't able to, so I hope you come back to see this!

You don't know what your precious note means to me. You have a gift indeed for words and using them for God's glory. I have seen you in more than one setting and know that you are a passionate and moved person, one of things I have loved getting to know more about you. YOU have a wonderful gift of encouragement and I thank you over and over from the bottom of my heart for leaving this comment here for me.

When I read it, I was moved beyond words and have kept it in my inbox to remind me to thank you, I feel blessed to have "run" into you here online and hope it doesn't end soon!

If you find this, would you mind emailing me(in profile). I have something to ask you if you think you might be interested.

THANK YOU AMANDA! God blessed me in your comment!!!

Julia M. Reffner

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