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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. -1 Corinthians 13:12

one of my heroes of faith
 Recently Chris and I have been listening to many sermons from Eric Ludy and reading a book about prayer written by Eric and his wife, Leslie.  Ludy's sermons are convicting to say the least.  He must be a voracious reader because he is constantly sharing information on heroes of the faith and building a booklist for our family. 

As a result I've been thinking much about men and women who maintained a vibrant faith and followed the Spirit where He led them. 

The first person who comes to mind is Peter.  He didn't exactly have the greatest start to his life of faith, did he?  He acts on impulse.  He is filled with fear which prevents him from stepping out on the water.  In Jesus' roughest moments, His friend Peter sleeps through the watch.  Next he cuts off the ear of the guard.  He runs away from Jesus, then follows at a distance and denies his Savior three times. 

But Peter's journey wasn't finished yet.  Peter is anointed with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and we see a new Peter.  A Peter who speaks out boldly.  Peter who is imprisoned for his faith...who then miraculously escapes confounding his friends in the early church.  His life ends by an upside-down crucifixion.  The Spirit's work in and through Peter never fails to amaze me.

Peter is just one example of many who inspire me in the Bible.  There's Nehemiah, a man who approached everything with prayer, constantly watching for enemy infiltration.  Noah who took God at His word and followed His instructions precisely.  The Proverbs 31 woman who is diligent and puts her family first in all that she does.  Joshua and Caleb who were strong and courageous in the face of danger.  Mary the mother of Jesus for her gentle and quiet spirit.  The other Mary who gives her all to Jesus at whatever cost.

Who is your Bible hero(es)/heroine(s) and why?


I've always loved the sinful woman who washed Jesus' feet with her hair. May not seem like such a courageous thing to do, but when I really look at her story and see the beauty she displayed...it leaves me breathless.

Wonderful post, Julia. I've always loved Moses because he was a melancholy like me and because he walked with God so closely. I love the fact that he was God's chosen person for a huge task and that his life was so dramatic - from poverty to power and then being humbled by his desert time. I even love the fact that it was the angels/God who buried him and no one knows where that is. Oh, I could go on and on! Thanks for making my morning:)

I have many Bible heroes. One favorite is Ruth. I love that she so humbly did whatever she needed to do to help the people in her life. And that without speaking a word, she was an unmistakable testimony to all around her. She was bold in a quiet way. Wish I could be more like her!

I would choose King David, as he was a man after God's own heart. Many failures and struggles, but he ultimately returned to the Lord in repentance.

LOVE this post, Julia! Those dear Ludy’s have given me a greater love and understanding of the Bible heroes- especially “the Mighties” ;) - through Eric’s sermons and, of course, their book, Wrestling Prayer. King David will always be one of my favorites- I think Eric’s love for him is kinda contagious! ;) David was an unlikely king who the Lord mightily used for His glory and His people. He boldly walked in the power and anointing of his God and would fight to the death to preserve the Name of his King. He knew the importance of seeking God early and in all things. But (kinda like what Linda said here) I think what most impressed me about the life of David was his true repentance when he sinned- humbly and fervently crying out for forgiveness and then never returning to commit it again. He felt deeply, moved with compassion for his people and passion for his God. And I really like that he had a poet’s heart, too ;)

I love what you said about Peter. And Nehemiah is definitely high on my list as well, alongside Daniel, Esther, Stephen, and Paul. Gosh, there are so many others that I love and stand in awe of their life and testimony, but I guess David was the first to jump to mind :)


It's been fun and interesting to read everyone's responses. I'm glad the Bible gives us so many godly heroes! Imperfect, thank heavens, but saved and sanctified by His grace!

In reading back over mine, I meant to say that some Bible scholars think Moses was a melancholy, something that always struck a chord with me. How they discern these things is beyond me, though:)

The gentleman's expression in the photo is so peaceful and saintly. I simply must read the Ludy's!!


I love that story, too. So scandalous at the time. Such a beautiful act of worship. Giving her all to Christ. Thanks for reminding me of her. Reminds me of something I need to do more of, sit at his feet.


I've never heard that about Moses. Interesting thought. I do relate with Moses' fear and love His deep relationship with the Lord. Thanks so much for weighing in.

Renee Ann,

Oh, I just love reading these responses. I love Ruth's loyalty to her family, her risk-taking spirit and as you said her quiet obedience. Thanks so much for weighing in.


Oh, yes, so many great ones here. I love David's worshipful spirit and as you said his true repentance. What a heart for God in spite of all his faults.


Oh, yes, his poet's heart. I've seen David and his worshipful spirit in a whole new way since reading Wrestling Prayer (and we're not even finished). I can't begin to thank you enough for recommending the Ludys to us. We've been so blessed by their ministry. And I've been so blessed by yours as well :)

I know what you mean as I read this I keep thinking of more and more, but Peter was the one I felt led to write about.

Hope you're feeling well.


I don't know how they "figure out" those things either. I've heard the same of Charles Spurgeon and I love his writing (what little I've read anyhow).

The man in the picture is George Mueller. Someone I hope to meet in heaven someday. I meant to identify him, but the picture caption wouldn't give me the option and now I see I foolishly left his name out of the post. I think he's in the next post :)

Julia, Ah, George! I've been reading him lately from my Streams in the Desert. In fact, when I find myself highlighting something, his name is always on it:) He wrote some very moving stuff. Usually these old pics depict them as so sober. This one you chose is a delight!

I've heard the same about Spurgeon. Guess his bouts with depression are well-documented from his private papers. He was a self-professed melancholy, for sure. But I think the deeper the well, the greater the capacity for thought and feeling. He is certainly living proof and comfort for those of us who feel deeply.

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