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Title: No Greater Love

Author: Kathi Macias

Series: Extreme Devotion #1

Macias surprised and delighted me in the first book of her new series. Delight probably isn’t the right word in many ways considering the subject matter. No Greater Love is a story of Chioma who falls in love with the white plantation owner’s son, in apartheid-era South Africa. The events that transpire will change the perspectives and lives of everyone Chioma and Andrew touch.

I would definitely list No Greater Love as among the most spiritually impacting reads for 2010 for me. It is rare to read a fictional book that doesn’t just inspire, but challenges you in your faith. Macias’ book was just such a read for me. I find reading Voice of the Martyrs newsletter some of the most faith-building reading. We live in a nation that is fat with many sorts of temptations both within and without the church. Reading about the persecuted church provides a reminder of true and deep faith.

The characters were well-portrayed. Sometimes in fiction I feel that the villains are often portrayed in a way that is cardboard. Macias shows the multi-faceted battle between good and evil. As in many historical events both sides of the battle battled with evil ultimately ending in tragic acts of violence.

I’m challenged in my faith. While I am struggling with the temptation of eating the wrong types of food, many are starving yet filled with a faith that convicts me deep to my soul.

If you are looking for fiction that goes beyond entertainment to challenge your spirit, I highly recommend this book. It is oftentimes not an easy read. It is devastatingly sad with some violent content. Amidst these pages I was touched deeply, emotionally and spiritually in a way I seldom have been reading a Christian novel.


This sounds great, Julia. I've seen this book around but didn't know it was so worthwhile. Glad I read this!

This sounds like it would make a great book club pick. :)

I agree, Joy.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review of No Greater Love. I too am deeply influenced by Voice of the Martyrs and have a passion for supporting the persecuted Church. No Greater Love, as well as the other three books in the series--More than Conquerors, Red Ink, and People of the Book--were all born out of that passion. Blessings!

@ Renee Ann,

I think you would like this one :)

I agree. It would make a great pick for a book club.

@ Kathi,

I'm so glad you have a passion for this topic. Wonderful to read books that convict and encourage. I'll look forward to the rest of the series. And looking forward to having you on the blog tomorrow.

lucy neeley adams said... January 10, 2011 at 7:46 PM  

No Greater Love delivered God's power right into my heart as I read each page. Even the sadness and tears were overshadowed by the truth of the message. My happiness with the racial issues that are filled with love and healing is forever etched on my mind. Rush out to get this book. Buy one because you will want it to keep. I love those people who came alive through Kathi's words. All I have is praise for this message
Lucy Neeley Adams.


I am so in agreement. This is a wonderful book with a beautiful message. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Tomorrow Kathi will be interviewed here.

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