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Title: The Discipline of Grace
Author: Jerry Bridges
Publication Date: 1994, 2006

**Special thanks to NavPress for providing a copy in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are my own.**

Jerry Bridges has quickly become one of my favorite nonfiction authors I have discovered in 2010 and The Discipline of Grace is my favorite book of his to date. This book is Bridge’s attempt to merge the doctrines of grace to the principles of personal discipline.

Bridges’ books are both in-depth and highly applicational. He is very grounded in Scripture and I love the fact that he quotes frequently from the Puritans. When I finished this book I added many of the quotes to my journal.

As a result of reading this book, I have added a new phrase to my vocabulary, “preach the gospel to yourself.” If we spend time every day meditating on Scriptures on what Christ has done for us, particularly Scriptures about the Cross. I love this concept and have tried to incorporate it into my daily routine.

One thing I really appreciate is Bridges honesty and humility. He is willing to share areas where he has sinned and God has brought him to repentance. It seems unusual to find authors who share from their personal life. Makes you feel as though you and he are walking on the path together.

I look forward to reading several of Bridge’s books in 2011 as he has undoubtedly been one of my favorite new authors.


"Preach the gospel to yourself"--is that to remind us why we first fell in love with Christ? This sounds like an uplifting read. I'm interested because it impacted you so strongly, Julia . . . I'll have to check out what he has available on Kindle. Blessings!


Yes, to remind us of what Christ has done for us. I think Bridges books are very uplifting and convicting. Great reads!

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